Forces Entertainment – Multimedia Slideshow            May, 2011

Online News slide show assignment.

Little Pattie, Mark Wilkinson, Dave Jory and Mark Langley discuss Forces Entertainment.

All photos copyright. Provided by Kloe Croker, Forces Entertainment and Little Pattie.

Music – ‘All I ever wanted’ by Mark Wilkinson. Used with permission, copyright 2011


Call for ban on exotic animal circuses                       April 26, 2011

Circuses featuring exotic animals have been banned in the ACT since 1992, but they continue continue two kilometres over the border in Queanbeyan.

Animal welfare groups, including the RSPCA are calling on Queanbeyan to introduce the ban in their council.


Canberra protest over Japan dolphin hunt          October 15, 2010

Protesters gathered outside the Japanese Embassy in Canberra on the October 14, 2010 as a part of ‘International Save Japan Dolphins Day’.

The protest is aimed at the annual dolphin hunt that takes place in the small Japanese village of Taiji.

For more information, see my briefing on Taiji’s annual dolphin hunt on NowUC.


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