My promising future

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had a length of time off so I’ve been looking at my long neglected blog. I found a drafted but unpublished post and I figured revisiting it might get the ball rolling.

Last year I contemplated my future in this shrinking field of career opportunities. It’s something I’ve been scrutinising even more over the past year. Friend/travel buddy/fake sister Sian assured me I had other skills and gave me the following list of potential CV fillers.

  • Excellent at researching places and things to do

  • Mapping public transport, mapping in general

  • Being nice to old people on public transport

  • Baking different things

  • Remembering plots of books and movies

  • Eating food

  • Making playlists

  • Not falling over in mosh pits considering you are quite small

  • Picking out cute outfits

  • Writing witty blog entries

  • Sleeping on the top bunk

If anyone knows how these could be combined into a prospective career please let me know.

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