A foray into sports journalism

It was a fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture and wear my new cape.

That’s how I arrived at my decision to go along to a football game. I’d never seen a professional sporting event before and I had poor to moderate expectations.

NRL is a sport where large men run around on a field and push each other to the ground while trying to get a ball over a line and through some poles. It’s pretty weird.

The Canberra team are raiders which are kind of like vikings and the St George team are dragons. I prefer vikings and dragons out of a sporting context. I assumed they were natural enemies because I had seen that DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon. I also know vikings and dragons have it in them to put their differences aside and peacefully coexist to a heartwarming effect.

There were some decent moments: a stranger letting me in for free was a nice way to start the evening and welcome me to this world of sporting fanaticism, I learned some of the rules of the game and I was home in time to watch Q&A.

But I would like to provide some constructive criticism to sports enthusiasts and venues:

  1. Get a roof.
  2. And a larger variety of vegetarian options.
  3. And some cider. Where will I get my fruit/veg intake from if I don’t have a veggie burger or a nutritious, apple-filled Magners?
  4. I think you should indulge the arts during your halftime show. A band or some interpretive dance would work nicely.
  5. Provide a winter uniform for your cheerleaders. Beanies and scarves are adorable.
What troubled me the most was the booing. I just don’t understand it, these football players are here to entertain you with their violent beefiness. Where would you be if they weren’t here? Raiders can’t play themselves.
I had a decent evening, I would attribute that more towards vodka and socialising rather than the game itself, but I could have done that in a pub where they have a roof. 
Overall I give sport one and a half stars.









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