I wish it was Christmas today

I’m all done with my degree and it’s definitely weird. I’m in those strange few weeks that would normally be a uni break. But this time they’re those few weeks between the end of my studies and employment.

If Dustin Hoffman has taught me anything it’s that I should be having an illicit affair with someone married and in their forties while Simon and Garfunkel melodies whirl around my head, instead I’ve been all about Christmas.

Whether it’s baking, decorating, gift wrapping, painting my nails to look like candy canes, cheesy songs and even cheesier movies. I love everything about Christmas. I even come close to tolerating Mariah Carey at Christmas time (I know!), I blame the little kid from Love Actually.

Christmas is one of my skills, I should put it on my resume. A couple of years ago, a friend and I even invented a Christmas cocktail (okay, we stuck candy canes in Passion Pop and called it a ‘Christmas Ho’), I’d make a fantastic elf.

Over the next few days, I’d like to share some of my favourite Christmas songs and movies because I can’t bake virtual cookies, but I can embed music videos.

Here’s I Wish It Was Christmas Today. It originally appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2000. This version was recorded last year. It has Jimmy Fallon. It has fake snow. It has Julian Casablancas. Could you ask for more?


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