Ground Control to Major Tom…

So since I did that post the other day about assignment stress, I changed my mind completely. For my assignment I will be blogging about vegetarian and vegan food in Canberra, if you’d like to take a look it’s right here. At the moment it’s fairly dull assignment stuff, but I hope to put lots of great recipes, restaurant recommendations and supermarket products on there. If that’s your thing, check it out. I’m sure I’ll talk about cake a lot.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’d much rather hear me talk about David Bowie. Space Oddity in picture book form. That’s right, two of my loves together at once: the genius of David Bowie and children’s literature. You can get it for free as a PDF. Do it. It’s much better than the little pictures I’ve put on here.

It’s one of my all-time favourite songs (though I suppose I say that about a lot of Bowie songs). Illustrator Andrew Kolb has taken the literal interpretation of the song, rather than see it as a metaphor for drugs. Which I suppose is more child-friendly, but could potentially squash some dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Here’s the brilliant, original video from 1969:

As you can see, the book is beautifully illustrated and as depressing as the song.

I think it could be followed up with the mind-blowing sequel Ashes To Ashes.

What song would you turn into a children’s book?

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