Sculpture – May 27, 2011

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Artist’s memory lives on in foreshore’s Winds of Light

It’s been a long journey for the wife and son of the late Peter Blizzard to get the sculptor’s last artwork up at the Lake Ginninderra foreshore promenade.

Blizzard died of cancer on January 7 last year. Before he got sick in early 2009, the 8m sculpture, Winds of Light, was commissioned.

After Blizzard’s death, his wife and son, Liz and Paul Blizzard, worked tirelessly to finish off his final sculpture, unveiled yesterday.

”It was great that he knew that he had this commission,” Liz Blizzard said.

”And so before he died he was pretty pleased that this was going to happen, because it’s a major work and it’s beautiful to have a sculpture in Canberra, he was so thrilled about that.”

The artist sculpted the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial at the Botanical Gardens in Ballarat, he has sculptures in Australian Galleries in Melbourne and his artwork was successful in Japan. He was the only Australian artist with a solo exhibition at the prestigious Hakone Open-Air Museum in Tokyo.

ArtsACT director David Whitney said the steel, brass and aluminium sculpture was a symbolic work that reflected the built and natural environment of the area, with each piece of metal representing buildings, mountains, wind, lightning or water.

”It’s a very strong and quite gutsy piece because of its size and scale. Peter Blizzard worked a lot with nature and the natural form also within the built form,” he said.

”The businesses around here are delighted. They are really pleased, because there is a bit more life now to this place.”

Mrs Blizzard said her husband continued to work on the sculpture until he died.

”He just kept working, it was amazing because he could hardly stand up. Paul was working for us and he did the physical work,” she said. ”Peter was determined to keep going until he went into hospital, he had this amazing determination.”

After Blizzard died, his son Paul completed the sculpture.

”Paul did all those brass and aluminium pieces. He’s a sculptor too and he’s been working for Peter and me for a long time, helping Pete with his sculptures. So after Pete died he made all the pieces.”

Mrs Blizzard said Winds of Light was one of the artist’s most personal works.

”He did this incredible sculpture, at the end when he was ill, with energy, love and optimism. I’m very proud of Pete.”


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