Daughter rewarded for emergency efforts – May 28, 2011

Read on Canberra Times website here.

Daughter rewarded for emergency efforts

When eight-year-old Hannah Jones saw her mother collapse at their Nicholls home on January 4 this year, she knew exactly what to do.

Hannah was taught to call triple-0 when she was four years old and when her 35-year-old mother, Donna, collapsed and became unconscious, she quickly called the emergency number.

Yesterday, Hannah was presented with an ACT Ambulance Service Certificate of Appreciation in a special assembly at Gold Creek Primary School.

The certificate was signed by ACTAS Chief Officer David Foot and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Simon Corbell.

Mr Foot and the call taker and paramedics who attended to Mrs Jones were all at the assembly.

Mr Foot said it was vital that parents educated their children about calling the emergency number as had Hannah’s mother.

”The importance of everyone in the home having the knowledge to call emergency triple-0 in times of emergency is vital and potentially life saving,” he said.

”Hannah was able to dial emergency triple-0 on the phone and speak to our radio operator and she was able to pass along her name, her address and her phone number and exactly what happened at the scene.”

Mrs Jones was taken to Calvary Hospital where she made a full recovery. She described her daughter as ”a very smart and very mature girl”.

”She’s a very responsible young girl, she’s very caring, nurturing and she looks after us,” she said.

”I’m very proud of her, words just cannot describe. I always knew she was a responsible little girl, but it just really shows.”

Mr Foot said he was pleased most children at the school had learned about the emergency number.

”I actually put it to them at the presentation, ‘what is the number you dial in the event of an emergency’; more than 100 pupils in the room shot up and said ‘we dial triple-0’.

”It looks like the message, both through the school curriculum and the parents, is getting out there.”

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