I’ve been a substandard blogger of late. I’ve been interning very hard, and though I keep a journal of my thoughts on this, I won’t be posting it until I’m done. I’m having a lot of fun which I have written about, but I have also written about my insecurities, which are hardly good PR. I’ll post them when I can look at them and laugh, or when I can negate them with an ‘I’m super-fantastic’ post.

But the world will end tomorrow. Or something. So I will post some lovely songs about the impending rapture.

Here is the one that is currently stuck in my head. Every time I hear the word rapture or see it printed (and it’s happened several times today) Blondie immediately jumps into my head. I know all the words to the rap. It’s impressive, I can assure you.

Here’s REM. I don’t know all the words, but there are a lot of them. It’s one of those songs I would like to add to my party trick repertoire though.

Honestly I could have picked a number of songs by Muse, they do like singing about the end of the world. But here is the most direct one.

What are your favourite rapture songs? I’m looking for songs specifically about the end of the world, not vague allusions to death or Satan. And nothing where rapture is just a metaphor, that’s far too easy. I’m off to eat some Cadillacs, Lincolns too, Mercuries and Subarus.

Happy Rapture everybody! x

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