Gloomy Sunday

Sunday songs. For the most part they’re cheery little ditties about long, lazy days.

But not for Morrissey.

Or U2.

Especially not for two Hungarians, Rezso Seress and Laszlo Javor. Urban legend blames their 1933 song Gloomy Sunday for several suicides, allegedly leading to the song being banned in Hungary. The English-language version of the song (the translation apparently nowhere near as depressing as the Hungarian) was made famous by Billie Holiday in 1941 and it has been covered by Bjork, Portishead and Marianne Faithful.

Need something lighter? Here are some other songs about Sunday that won’t make you want to kill yourself.

Sunday Sunday by Blur:

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon by Queen:

And Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground:

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