Shoot the whole day down

This post will be the first in a series. There has been far too much talk of a certain song, by a certain teenager. You probably know the one. She likes to sing about days of the week. And she gets judged for this a lot.

I have only heard it once, but it has still been in my face for about a month and the hype has not subsided. It continues to be quoted, referenced, mocked, tweeted about and there seems to be no escape.

I don’t really care for it, but nor do I judge the girl for this, it’s more than I had accomplished by the age of 13. She probably has a very comfortable savings account by now that could see her smoothly through uni. I wish her well.

But there are better songs about days of the week. So for the next week I will be posting my favourites. Some of them will be longer than others as each day of the week inspires a different level of emotion amd therefore quality of music  (the collective hatred of Monday and love Friday and Saturday is only exceeded by the apparent indifference to Wednesday).

So let’s start with the most despised day of the week, Monday.

Here’s a healthy dose of 80s new wave, pop and a little 90s Britpop. Monday’s aren’t all that bad.

First, The Boomtown Rats, I don’t like Mondays. It surprises me how many people don’t know this is a song about a school shooting. If you don’t, wikipedia can tell you more.  If you want something different try the Tori Amos version.

Next Blue Monday, by New Order. Doesn’t actually mention Monday in the lyrics.

And while we’re in the 80s, here is some Bangles with Manic Monday. Not my favourite Bangles song. But you must appreciate the lyrical stretch of rhyming  “Sunday” with “my I don’t have to run day”. Blame Prince.

And really, can I bring myself to go past Pulp?

Have I missed your favourite Monday song? Come back tomorrow for the less inspiring Tuesday.

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