Antony Green and the NSW election

Today I will not be writing about using the internet to stalk follow musicians, bizarre album releases or any of my pop obsessions. This week’s tutorial requires us to blog about a mainstream news blogger.

I picked Antony Green, his bio is here.

Groupthink says he looks like the lovechild of Dave Faulkner and Andrew Denton.

More importantly, he is an election analyst for the ABC. I started following him on twitter in the lead up to the 2011 NSW election.

The Blog

Green’s blog is great because he takes all the horrible numbers and graphs that come out of the election results and explains them in a way that the politically-interested, yet mathematically-challenged peopleĀ  (like myself) can understand.

Green writes in a way that makes it easy to trust him. There is not a trace of political bias in his blog entries, he simply presents the information. Even after a google search (admittedly, not a super-thorough one) and reading up on him, I have no idea where he stands politically. I usually read blogs written by opinionated people, whether I agree with them or not. But for an election analysis and a simple breakdown of the results, Green’s factual approach is just what I’m after.

Blog Comments

Green moderates his comments, publishing what he thinks is relevant. As he takes a factual, non-biased approach to his analysis, there aren’t arguments in the comments feed. Generally what you see here are thoughtful questions relating to the blog post followed by a reply from Green.


As of 2am, the 8th of April, Antony Green has 13,096 followers on twitter and he sets the same clear, factual tone in his tweets that he does in his blog.

Over the course of the NSW election he used to twitter provide immediate updates and relevant links, including links to his own blog. He doesn’t use twitter to interact with his readers, he leaves that for his blog.

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