Babooshka ya ya

Kate Bush is amazing. Is this newsworthy? Relevant? Perhaps, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyway it doesn’t matter. It should be said. And said more often. Her songs are wonderful. Her voice is magical. No choreographed video of any singer/dancer in today’s top 40 can hold a candle to the originality and brilliance of Kate Bush’s interpretive dancing. Fact.

I’d like to think I’m one of many people out there who has tried to imitate her moves when alone in their lounge room – or with friends in a pub.

I’ve been caught out at the traffic lights, adding my own interpretive Kate Bush-esque moves to Hounds of Love – Much to the amusement and derisive laughter of a car full of bogans sporting a charming “Fuck off, we’re full” sticker on their bumper. “Whatever,” I thought. “You can have your generic, monotonous doof doof. You don’t deserve Kate.”

I took my shoes off and I threw them in the lake.

My favourite Kate Bush song is Wuthering Heights. It’s an obvious choice. But that song made me read the book. (As an aside – interesting NME article about literary references in songs.)

And for the uncoordinated, like myself, the video is full of easy to replicate dance moves that will surely make you the hit of your next party or social gathering.

I’m partial to the twirl:

And what I like to call “the swaying tree”:

And if when I’m feeling daring, the “I’m pulling something really heavy with a rope”:

I also love Noel Fielding. And the other day when I saw this video of him performing Wuthering Heights for Comic Relief, I loved him a little more.

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